Fish Tails and Fish Tales
Working on a manuscript and story board about a head strong fish. I included a variety of characters for her to interact with. There are different fish tails and fish fins. Dots and stripes, big and small, sleek and strong are included in the mix. Fish That Don't Look Like Fish In a story about the main character eventually wondering where she fits in, why not include members of the fish family who also don't look like they fit in. After all, one is never usually alone in feeling distraught about their place in society. That's where the wonder of family comes in. Feeling Connected Family gives us that safety net of feeling connected. Of course individuals in a family still have their differences. Still, there's that bond of connectedness and shared experiences that give strength and a sense of belonging. What if one can't find the support needed within the family? There are always organizations of all sorts that help connect people with others who think and aspire in similar ways. Fish Tales and SCBWI Support The Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators organization is a family of like minded individuals. One of their main goals is to support one another in the quest for bringing good literature and art to youth of the world. It's a fun and valuable group to belong to. I'm proud to be a member of this family. Maybe you're unsure, or feelings distressed on your writing or illustrating journey. Join a world of supporters who'll lift you up and encourage you to keep moving forward. They share success stories, and even as important, their struggles. It's all in the journey to the final goal of publication and bringing their tales to youth everywhere. Fish tales, and tales of many other kinds are finding their way into the hands of children because of the unity and efforts of SCBWI. While I was working on character ideas for my fish tale, I was also working on a project for a local SCBWI conference. These are great gatherings for us to come together in comradery and of course, fun. Nothing fishy about that. My sea horse post is a pastel sketch and the portion of the conference project is acrylic on wood.